Welcome Truth Seekers!

The 5th Wall an age old agency charged with investigating the para-dimensional activities that have shaped our world. If you are here, you're ready to dive into the greatest conspiracy this universe has ever witnessed. Begin with the Universal Guide. Below are our archives page and two spotlight stories.


An Unseen Dawn... 5th Wall Archives

We at the Vth Wall have dedicated ourselves to the pursuit of the truth. And like anything worth believing, it's always important to understand the origin. We have compiled numerous accounts, experiments and events into a hypothesis for the creation of everything everywhere... Or every-when... It's complicated!


38 Realms of Existence

The greatest discovery ever uncovered by the Vth Wall is the existance of 38 realms outside of our own. We've theorized that happenings in these realms have a direct effect on our way of life... Good or bad...




Watson Account

There are many agents contributing to the Vth Wall cause. But none are as mysterious as this shadowy figure...Read all about John Watson's secret experiements and his findings.