The Man From Nowhere

I am John Watson. The man without a begining or an end. A man with no home, no liniage, no heritage and nothing to live for except the truth... The truth of everything... Story Coming Soon


Project Corridor

Messages in bottles... I always seem to find them. Walking near bodies of water. Sailing... Even throw money into a wishing well... In these bottles were schematics. Piece by piece, blue print by blue print these messages in bottles taught me everything I needed to know to build Project Corridor. Story Coming Soon


The Witness

I woke up on a train today. Snapping to in the middle of a conversation my mouth was having without my brain. The blonde across from me seemed enthused, but I was hardly amused. This often happens when there's a disturbance in the fiber of existance. Only I am a witness to this... Or so I thought. Story Coming Soon


Breaking the 5th Wall

When I heard the signal that would lead me to the 5th Wall, I ignored it for years. Until the day I made contact with a mysterious figure... Story Coming Soon